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You begin to quench your yearning for outdoor activity the moment you step out the door. There, a wonderful patch of Earth lies right there before your feet, seemingly created for hikes, be that a leisurely stroll or an arduous mountaineering adventure.

But a golf course, riding stables, ski resorts, cross-country ski trails and much more also await you close by.

As a hiking fan, you definitely get your money's worth at the Kranzbichlhof. Leave your car parked for a few days and hike through the wonderful countryside which you find right outside our hotel!

The gentle meadows and hills close to our hotel invite you to take relaxing walks through glorious nature. Leave the stresses of daily life far behind and enjoy the views of a magnificent alpine world. The imposing summits of the Watzmann et al greet you in the west, inspiring you to embark on full-scale expeditions. Several peaks in the region represent ideal opportunities for all-day tours.

If you prefer to walk on pathways through virgin forests of beech and spruce, you can set out from the Kranzbichlhof in practically any direction and hike, depending on your taste and physical condition, from 45 minutes to 4.5 hours. Along the way, hikers are treated to rewarding views of the green Salzach river valley far below, the alpine pastures and summits of the Osterhorn Group in the east and a magnificent range in the south. Even if your program includes a visit to the Museum of the Celts in Hallein or the salt mine in Bad Dürrnberg, you will still be able to survive quite nicely without your car, following one of the many footpaths instead. Our guests love nothing more than to hike into Hallein, do some window shopping and find out for themselves why the ice cream parlor in town has become so famous far and wide. The calorie-conscious amongst you might opt to walk back up to the hotel via the Knappensteig, while others will simply catch the bus.

On hot summer days, area gorges and canyons invite you to savor the cooler, wetter conditions there. These include the geologically interesting Glasenbachklamm outside Elsbethen and the visually dramatic Almbachklamm at the foot of the Untersberg. These are just a few of the beautiful destinations you can hike to from the Kranzbichlhof and then justifiably stake your claim to having TRULY been there!

After an eventful day of hiking, our spacious garden with natural swimming pond and the sauna invite you to relax and recharge your batteries.

Christine C. Fegerl is a certified hiking and snowshoe guide. She is always happy to accompany our guests on their hikes through beautiful Salzburger Land. Together with her, you will get to know the occasional hidden jewel as you encounter nature in places of extraordinary beauty.

Countless hiking routes await you on and around the Dürrnberg


If you need more inspiration, you will find a marvelous selection of hiking routes on the interactive hiking map available from the Tennengau tourist office. We are also happy to share a few suggestions with our guests, either here at the hotel in person or even before you get here. Simply contact us and ask.


There are countless hiking routes in and around Salzburg, including here on the Dürrnberg. Two not particularly challenging routes that you can begin from the Kranzbichlhof - and which are also suitable for rookie hikers - are presented to you here.


The first hike on the Dürrnberg leads via the Thürndl ruin to the top of the Kleiner Barmstein. The ruin, part of the old city defenses of Hallein and dating back to the 13th century, lies within the Hallein city limits and is a listed historic monument.

The Kleiner Barmstein – as well as the Grosser Barmstein – are located west of Hallein, above the Kaltenhausen brewery. The Kleiner Barmstein is in Austria, whereas the Grosser Barmstein is in Germany.

The hike begins on the western edge of Hallein on the Dürrnbergstrasse and leads via marked hiking paths to the Thürndl ruin. From there, you continue along the ridge line - initially flat, then up wooden steps, followed by a final short scramble to the highest point of the tour. You are rewarded by wonderful views of the Salzach river valley and Hallein.


If you would like to begin your hike from the front door of the Kranzbichlhof, this hiking route on the Dürrnberg will definitely appeal to you. The Zinkenkogel, where skiers rule the roost during the winter months, boasts some marvelous hiking opportunities in summer.

The official starting point for this hike is the Zinkenlift car park, just a few minutes' walk from the Kranzbichlhof.

From there, you will hike – first on asphalt, then a forestry lane – to the top station of the tow lift. This is the start of a forest hiking path which meets up with another forestry lane. This is followed by a steep hike to the Zinkenstüberl, behind which you find the path which will lead you to the summit cross.

If you prefer not to hike all the way back down again on foot, in nice weather you have the option of riding the Alpine slide - the "Keltenblitz" ("Celtic lightning"!)- to the bottom. It begins at the  Zinkenstüberl.

Der sagenumwobene Untersberg

The legendary Untersberg

From our sun terrace you can already see it - the mighty, beautiful colossus. At 1,972 meters above sea level, it lies between Germany and Austria.

Numerous caves are located within this massif. The Schellenberg Ice Cave is one of the most famous and longest show caves. Many legends and myths entwine around the Untersberg, which you can discover on some hiking tours.


Lake Königssee lies in southeastern Bavaria, at the eastern foot of the Watzmann, nestled between steep mountainsides and generally regarded as one of the cleanest lakes in all of Germany. Königssee is very popular with excursioners and hikers. Swimming is only recommended for the hardiest of "polar bears", however, since the water only exceeds 20° C after extended periods of hot weather - and even then, only in certain parts of the lake.

Königssee is about a 20-minute drive from Hotel Kranzbichlhof and provides ample space for many different activities, especially outdoor sports.

Hiking close to Königssee

You can walk from Berchtesgaden next to the Königsseer Ache to the south shore of the lake. The hike is roughly 10 kilometers long and was declared "Germany's most beautiful hiking path" in 2016. It will take you about 3 hours to walk, depending on your speed. The start and finish point is the so-called "Triftplatz" on the border of Berchtesgaden and Schönau am Königssee.

more information

Premium HIKING PATH - THE Salz­alpen­steig

This extended cross-border hiking path runs for a grand total of 233 kilometers from Prien (on Lake Chiemsee) through Berchtesgadener Land and all the way to Obertraun on Lake Hallstatt. Along the way, you will encounter 3 lakes – Chiemsee, Königssee and Hallstätter See. 18 daily stages are recommended in order to complete the entire hike start to finish. Less experienced hikers are recommended to try individual stages.

One such option would be Stage 10 "Königssee – Bad Dürrnberg" an all-day tour of intermediate difficulty, 18.3 kilometers in length.

More information about the complete hiking path and individual stages


Approximately 5 km long and next to Königssee, you can learn all about the effects of ice on the landscape - also in winter, since this is a hiking path that is kept plowed and maintained during the winter months as well.

more information

Further hiking tours can be found on the website of the Schönau am Königssee tourist office.

Boat rides on Königssee


Since the rocky mountainsides of the Berchtesgaden Alps drop almost vertically all the way down to the shore of the Königssee, there isn't a footpath that runs all the way around the lake. However, boats do operate on Königssee, allowing passengers to experience this spectacular natural setting from out on the water. Ferries also run to St. Bartholomä – where you can visit the former royal hunting lodge and St. Bartholomew's Church – as well as to Salet and Kessel.

More information about routes, timetables and prices


As previously mentioned, the water temperature of Königssee rarely exceeds the 20° C mark - and even then, only in certain places. If that doesn't bother you, you are welcome to swim in the lake (except in posted areas where bathing is prohibited). However, there are other alternatives close by, such as the Schornbad in Schönau am Königssee and Naturbad Aschauerweiher in the Berchtesgaden valley bottom. On the Austrian side, the Königsseeache is a popular bathing spot - also with the Salzburg locals. But here, too, you should reckon with fresh water temperatures of around 18 degrees at the height of summer. And of course, the natural swimming pond in the garden of Hotel Kranzbichlhof also invites you to bathe and relax.

Bathing in and near Lake Königssee: Schornbad in Schönau, Naturbad Aschauerweiher in the Berchtesgaden valley bottom



In Salzachtal, barely a 20 min drive from the Kranzbichlhof, this is a beautiful recreation area on the Bürgerausee in Kuchl, offering youth, seniors and families an ideal bathing area and other leisure activities. A pram-friendly hiking path as well as slacklines, a skater park and rest areas make the Bürgerausee a popular excursion destination for families.


The crystal-clear water of the Wiestalstausee is a great way to cool off on a hot summer's day. A beautiful, peaceful oasis where you can unwind completely. If you are in the mood for some action, explore the Almbachklamm. Canyoneering and rafting tours are offered in this gorge for everyone who craves outdoor adventure. This reservoir is located in Adnet and is just a 20 min drive from our hotel.


The Harbergsee recreation area in Scheffau offers you outstanding water quality along with ample opportunities for games, sports and fun. This beautiful spot with its pleasant lake terrace is just a 30 min drive away. A great opportunity to cool off after an exciting hike in Lammertal.

Freibad Schloss Wiespach

For families with children and sports-loving guests, Freibad Schloss Wiespach in Hallein - with its children's and baby pools, waterfall, slide, diving tower and sports pool - is highly recommended. The Freibad is only 10 min away and open from May until September.

The region offers a wide range of opportunities for mountain bikers and cyclists


Bike fans discover a wealth of opportunities close to the Kranzbichlhof. The Rossfeld Scenic Road is also very popular with road cyclists, while off-road mountain bike fans are drawn like a magnet to the Zinken.

You are welcome to stow away your bikes overnight in our secure storage room. And if you own an E-bike, you will also be able to recharge your battery.

You would like to rent an e-bike? The tourist office in Hallein offers our guests a bike rental.

Keltenblitz ALPINE SLIDE


Just a short walk from Hotel Kranzbichlhof, you will find the valley station for the Zinken Lifts. From here, you can reach the top of the Zinkenkogel either by chairlift or on foot via a hiking path. And in the same place where, in winter, the skiers slice back down to the valley, during the summer months it’s the Keltenblitz Alpine Slide that takes center stage.

Keltenblitz Alpine Slide
A fun ride almost 2 km long

At a length of 2.2 km, the Keltenblitz on the Dürrnberg outside Hallein is actually the longest Alpine slide in Salzburg and guarantees a fun ride for the whole family. At speeds up to 40 km/h, daredevils are able to zoom down the mountainside, through exhilarating banked curves and several steep passages – though needless to say, absolutely safe as can be.


In nice weather, the Zinken Lifts run during the preseason from the beginning of May until the end of June, Monday through Friday between 11 AM and 5 PM as well as Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 10:30 AM until 5 PM.

During peak season, which is from the end of June until the beginning of September, the chairlift and Alpine slide are open daily from 10 AM until 6 PM.

Late season, from the beginning of September until the beginning of October, opening times are Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 5 PM and Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 10:30 AM until 5 PM.

The chairlift and Alpine slide only operate in good weather!

Prices for summer season can be found here.


The Tennengau region of Salzburger Land boasts an array of experiences, beautiful hiking and biking tours as well as spectacular nature. For fans of culture & nature, for sports fans and active holidaymakers ....there is so much to discover here. Escape to a wondrous region filled with endless opportunities.

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