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Inner PEACE THROUGH Meditation

So that our guests at Hotel Kranzbichlhof feel completely at home and don't have to forego a single thing, since 2020 we have also featured a beautiful, peaceful Zen-style meditation room. For many people, regular meditation has become a way of life. Now, you can continue to do your exercises, using our meditation room for that purpose.

Even if you don't have any meditation experience, you can still experience the tranquility of this room and sit there for a few minutes in complete silence. Pillows are provided for you to sit on, though you are also welcome to use a chair or a meditation bench.

Japanese Zen-style meditation room at the Kranzbichlhof


Our Japanese Zen-style meditation room has deliberately been maintained simple and understated, which in turn expresses serenity, clarity and centeredness, helping you to come to complete rest. If you sit still, your mind and your nervous system become calm. Your breathing gets slower and, if you open the windows, the beautiful sounds of nature will keep you company. The twitter of birds, the patter of rain, the whoosh of the wind.

A Zendo IS CREATED AT THE Kranzbichlhof


"Meditation is solely healing."

Claudia Petschnig spent a number of years at a Zen monastery and has accompanied over 2000 people on their personal paths to learning Zen meditation.

At the Kranzbichlhof, together with us, she has created a zendo, a wonderful place of retreat.

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