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THE Kranzbichlhof - A SMALL, EXQUISITE Hotel

When we decided to take over the Kranzbichlhof in 2012, we invested boundless work, energy, sweat and tears in the complete renovation and expansion of the hotel. The goal was to make the Kranzbichlhof what it is today, a small, exquisite hotel.

With personal commitment, we look after our guests and attempt to create an atmosphere in which guests and staff feel equally comfortable and at home.

Quality is important to us in all areas. In our furnishings, materials, the food we serve, though also in art and literature. And very importantly: the absolute cleanliness of our rooms, guest spaces and the kitchen.

We, that is to say my youngest son, Jan, and I, see it as our calling to offer our guests a harmonious, reenergizing experience during their time spent at this place, whose positive energies even had an extraordinary significance for the Ancient Celts.

Renowned for its healthful climate, the location of Bad Dürrnberg, nestled amid the wonderful landscapes between Salzburg and Berchtesgaden, affords the perfect backdrop for the physical and spiritual renewal of our guests.

Our philosophy is to create a genuine atmosphere in which everyone, guests and employees, interact in a spirit of warmth and fairness. For the most part, our team has been with us since we took over in 2012 – while our regularly returning guests and seminar organizers further confirm that our approach is the right one.

Cornelia Salmhofer

Our natural swimming pond and garden park are maintained without resorting to chemicals.


Our 13,000 m² park, filled with an astonishing variety of flora, is maintained with boundless love and no use of chemicals whatsoever.

Plants clean our swimming pond naturally.


Actually, the word "nature" says it all… The plants themselves keep the pond clean, making it unnecessary to use chemicals. Pure nature!

A stroll through the garden park does your soul good!

trees as sources of energy

A stroll through the garden park is regenerative and does your soul good!

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